Classroom Tables and Chairs to Facilitate Student Collaboration(MADISON ELEMENTARY)

In my classroom, I strive to provide a multitude of collaborative opportunities for my students. My students particpate in collaborative projects, science labs, STEM activities, and many other activities that require collaboration. Currently, I have 26 desks in my classroom that are usually in groups of four. While this is a great collaboration space, my students and I agree that having tables in the classroom will provide students with more accessible collboration opportunities. The tables are also on wheels and could easily be pushed together and moved around the room as needed. The tables I would like to purchase are from Lakeshore Learning and cost approximately $650 each. I would also like to pruchase four chairs for each table, which cost approximately $170 each. I would greatly appreciate any help that can get us started on our journey for tables and chairs for collaboration opportunities! 

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